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Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy System in Cities

A wide range of research activities have arisen to support the Danish target of a 100% renewable energy system by 2050. Projects focused on individual aspects of the energy system, such as zero emissions buildings or intelligent power systems provide valuable insight, which facilitates flexibility throughout the energy system. CITIES will address this deficiency by establishing an integrated research centre covering all aspects of the energy system, including gas, power, district heating/cooling and biomass, and most importantly methods to forecast, control and optimize their interactions through the use of advanced data analysis, decision process analysis, graphical information systems, and modelling using combined mathematical and statistical approaches.

The societal objective of CITIES is to establish a realistic and concrete pathway to ultimately achieving independence from fossil fuels by harnessing the latent flexibility of the energy system through intelligence, integration, and planning, focusing on city environments and working towards both 2020 and 2050 European and Danish goals.

The commercial perspective of CITIES is to identify and establish solutions which can form the background for commercial opportunities within the smart cities environment, and to support the development of these  and other smart cities demonstration projects, including through a range of decision support tools to be developed as a result of our research efforts.

The CITIES Centre was established from January 2014 and is founded by the National Danish Strategic Research Consul and contributing partners with more than 12 million USD. There are more than 30 partners in CITIES ranging from multinational enterprises, such as Samsung, to SMEs in DK and abroad to National research institutes and universities from around the World.

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Per Sieverts Nielsen
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DTU Management Engineering
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