COHERENT - Coastal Hazard Risk Reduction and Management

COHERENT is a multidisciplinary project aimed at generating knowledge and co-creation within hazard risk reduction in the coastal zone and management in an integrated fashion by linking researchers, professionals, governments and the business sector. The project is positioned in the value chain between research to innovation, integrating new and established research in science, economics and the social sciences and confronting it with the needs of decision makers, civil society, operational hazard managers and business. The specific project objectives include the development of:

  • Software tools, data and flood modelling tested in relation to specific case studies of coastal hazards and coping measures.

  • Dynamic damage cost curves for coastal flooding reflecting coping strategy implementation and learning.

  • An adaptation decision making toolkit, covering all major decision gates and combining technologies and human behavior.

  • Business strategies for software, data and coping measures.

The COHERENT project is divided into five theme-based work packages with CCSD (Climate Change and Sustainable Development) being lead contributors to the study of hydrology-land use interactions in the coastal zone and dynamic damage curves reflecting coping options and human capacities.

The project is supported by Innovation Fund logo

Period: 2017-2020.

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Kirsten Halsnæs
DTU Management Engineering
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Morten Andreas Dahl Larsen
Senior Researcher
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