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Sustainable path creation for innovative value chains for organic waste products

Organic waste and other residual materials from bio-industries and households are of increasing value in today’s economy. Substances that have long represented a cost to the economy are now becoming a valuable resource. Exploiting the full potential of these resources requires increased innovation, systemic change as well as better regulation and governance.

The SusValueWaste-project addresses these issues by analysing value chains inside and across different sectors of the bioeconomy. We analyse a number of industrial cases from different parts of the bioeconomy and collaborate with highly relevant industry actors. The aim of the project is to help policymakers better govern and regulate the organic waste industry and the industry act

The project is funded by the Research Programme on Sustainable Innovation in Food and Bio-based Industries (BIONÆR) under the Research Council of Norway

The project is managed and coordinated by NIFU (Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education) in cooperation with partners in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It has a total budget of 40 mill NOK (4,5 mill EUR).

DTU Management Engineering is leader of Work Package 2, Global and local value chains.

Period: 2015-2019.

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Simon Bolwig
Acting Head Division, and Head of Climate Change and Sustainable Development
DTU Management Engineering
+45 46 77 51 60