Electricity demand

Energy Economics and Regulation

This research group mainly contributes to the Themes 2 (Energy economics, policy analysis and energy demand modelling).

In Energy Economics and Regulation we conduct multidisciplinary energy research linking engineering energy system models with economic models with the aim to support energy system integration, decision making and the development and implementation of new technological solutions

We analyse regulatory frameworks and market designs that facilitate the transition towards larger share of renewable energy in the energy system, energy savings, and climate change. We model energy demand at various levels of aggregation in order to gain insights into demand behaviour based on economic models and methods for analysing historical and experimental data.

Examples of research include

  • coupling of several energy and emission markets,
  • regulatory requirements for future renewable based energy systems,
  • economic efficiency and uncertainty related to policy instruments,
  • ·ownership, and public engagement of wind energy
  • demand forecasts,
  • energy savings, impact from trade patterns, and short term demand response.

We aim for high quality policy recommendation and analyses of economic and social aspects, and research articles by applying methods from microeconomics, econometrics, stochastic optimisation and new developments in experimental/behavioural economics.  As well as more integrated socio-economic, energy technology and climate policy analysis.


Klaus Skytte
Head of Energy Economics and Regulation
DTU Management Engineering
+45 93 51 10 85