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About us

Systems Analysis (SYS) is an internationally well-established division doing high level research on energy and transport economics, climate change, urban systems, and sustainable develop-ment.

The Division is organised in four disciplinary oriented groups: Energy Systems Analysis (ESY) comprises competences within systems analyses, operation management and energy technologies. Energy Economics and Regulation (EER) contributes to the development of en-ergy economics by linking technological and societal aspects to disciplines within economics. Transport Economics (TE) has a disciplinary focus on economics with application in transportation and urban economics. Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) covers (1) Climate change impacts, risks, adaptation and mitigation based on the integrating of physical models and socio-economics, and (2) Urban systems that researches connections between urban infrastructure, information and communication technology (ICT)  energy, and water.

We are located at DTU Lyngby Campus, Produktionstorvet, Building 426.. 


Simon Bolwig
Acting Head Division, and Head of Climate Change and Sustainable Development
DTU Management Engineering
+45 46 77 51 60